Design Futures is the research cluster for inter- and trans-disciplinary Design research, which brings together researchers from across Curtin University in the creation of new knowledge around the diverse philosophies, methods and practices found in design.

Design Futures privileges action-oriented research for social, economic, technological and cultural wellbeing, in which design plays a (unifying, sense-making) significant part.

Curtin staff can join Design Futures by completing the simple Expression of Interest form at: Use your Curtin email address to register.

Explore our folio of diverse research across design, architecture, business and the humanities in the Researcher Showcase.

We’ll be adding the following pages over the coming weeks:

Before the end of 2019, we'll be running a series of events 
designed to engage researchers in (and outside) Design Futures. 
These include a Salon at which researchers can explore 
philosophical, methodological and theoretical concerns around 
their research; the Workshop series in which we work 
collaboratively on specific design problems; and Exposure at 
which junior and senior researchers present their latest work 
to audiences within and beyond the academy.
Faint Signals
Faint Signals is our work-in-progress pages where we share and 
explore emergent research in applied research, pedagogy and 
practice. These are speculative research endeavours prior to 
publication or release and provide a behind-the-scenes look at 
knowledge creation in design taking shape.
Paragraphs is the online forum for discourse, diatribe, debate 
and dialogue amongst Design Futures researchers in which we 
invite healthy exploration of contemporary issues related to design 
in pedagogy and research.